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Field Notes from the Rainforest of Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia

Mediterranean Healing Herbs

Herbal Medicine

7song, legendary herbalist and inspiration, lots of resources on his website.

A Modern Herbal by Mrs M. Grieve, written in 1931, remains a classic. This is the online version.

European Scientific Cooperative on Phytotherapy – The scientific foundation for herbal medicinal products.

Henriette’s Herbal. Henriette Kress, a Finish herbalist has created a wonderful resource provifing, among other things, online versions of many classic herbal books, articles by Henrietta and a wonderful plant picture gallery.

Herbal Bear index of medicinal plants.

Jim McDonald’s website. Jim McDonald is a highly respected herbalist and author. Here he provides some useful resources.

La aventura de hacerlo tu – a website of geobotanist and ethnobotanist Gereon Jansing – Extensive information in Spanish about medicinal plants and their uses.

Matthew Wood’s website. Another highly respected herbalist and author. Here he provides some useful resources.

Michael Moore – Southwest School of Botanical Medicine. Michael Moore (1941-2009) is a legendary figure in American herbalism. The resources he collected over a lifetime are available free on this website. There is also a free in-depth course in therapeutic herbalism for those who want to dig deep.

Plants For a Future plant database.

Tillotson Institute run by Alan Tilottson. Provides a free online course in the fundamentals of herbal medicine.


Botany Everyday – Resources and online plant talks:

Brilliant Botany:

Dr M Goes Wild:

Flora Iberica:

Geobotanica Pityusa, a website of geobotanist and ethnobotanist Gereon Jansing – Information in various languages about the plants of Ibiza and Formentera:

Greek Medicine – Where western herbalism began:

National Centre for Complementary and Integrative Health (UK) – Herb info:


Reading University Herbarium:

Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew – Some good resources online:

United States Department of Agriculture Natural Resources Conservation Service – Massive amounts of information about plants found in North America:

World Flora Online – An online flora of all known plants:

Plant Identification

Identify That Plant:

Interactive flowering plant identification key:

Wildflowers and Weeds:


Bristol Botanicals – Where I get my dry herbs and most of my tinctures from. If they don’t have it, noone does!

Healthspan – Excellent quality, reasonably priced products, based in Guernsey:

Solgar – Excellent quality fall-back products, easily obtainable in pharmacies, though a tad expensive:

Soria Natural – A good range of dry herbs and liquid extracts (my preferred form), available in Spain:


ConsumerLab quality reviews of commercially available supplements:

Plants and Healers International:

Health Canada Natural Products Ingredients database:

Mercola – The biggest and most cited alternative medicine site on the internet, well researched:

Mayo Clinic – Reliable information about diseases and conditions from a conventional medical perspective:

WebMD – Reliable scientific information about drugs, supplements and herbs: